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The truth about CurseMC and the release

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by sammieplays, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. sammieplays

    sammieplayssammieplays is a Verified Member Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Greetings Hunters!
    I need to address what's really been happening about CurseMC.

    It has been a long-awaited wait but financially CurseMC cannot continue until further notice.

    I want to take all responsibility for publically announcing a release date for CurseMC set for August 1st, 2020. As it was promised, it didn't happen and my actions must be held accountable for good. CurseMC behind the scenes has been tough, especially financially due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic that shut down most economies around the world with lockdowns.

    Specifically in New Zealand, where I reside and live in; the country went into complete lockdown only allowing essential workers to work meaning over 200,000 people lost their jobs or got stood down due to no economic funding for the country and the people to flow freely.

    Recently job losses have been getting worse in New Zealand and I, unfortunately, had been stood down from my day job meaning I no longer have a current fund to support most of my work incl. investing in CurseMC. The Minecraft server relies on shares to keep development and updates going but recently there have been no funds allocated for advertising due to risk of bankruptcy as a company, we followed suit and wished to release CurseMC once again as a team but failed you, the players that are eager to play once again but due to the circumstances, I couldn't help CurseMC in any way shape or form to continue its work.

    Currently, I am taking all responsibility for the inconvenience that this may cause and I understand greatly why you as players will be angry at my poor decisions to co-ordinate a quality asset that once thrived in the past.

    We as a server had plans to make sure you keep your ranks regardless but investing dropped, meaning our financial plan for advertising wouldn't work so releasing the server just wouldn't recover to break even and thrive once again and I apologize deeply to the bottom of my heart.

    Over the course of the next few months, you may still see updates as we're trying to recover and we will always be here on the forums to help you with any questions you may have. Please stick with us as our promises may have been broken as a team and connection with our players, we will come back but like we had said at the start of the year, we may be wary about a release date as it'd annoy a lot of players and we failed you at an attempt to provide our services.

    Please stay informed with us, we have a lot planned but until we recover, we cannot do much like a company on the financial side of things. We want the best for the players when we re-release the server and I'd hate to release the server and then have to shut it down again, it just wouldn't be fair at all.

    We're hoping as a team at CurseMC to re-create the smile that you had to play on our services and we're working so hard and tirelessly to bring back the dream.

    Thank you,

    Head Admin of CurseMC LLC 2.0
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  2. TarrPlays

    TarrPlays New Member Hunter

    We are very sorry to hear that you have had this happen to you. Hopefully, all will be better in the near future. Let the community know if there is anything we can to do help. Thanks for all that you do!
  3. JustCroatian

    JustCroatian New Member OG Hunter

    Hopefully everything works out and we see Curse back in a few months.
  4. ecklecake

    ecklecake Member OG Hunter

    lol whip nae nae
  5. fxbrokershiX

    fxbrokershiX New Member Hunter

  6. fxbrokershiX

    fxbrokershiX New Member Hunter

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