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Software Upgrade New CurseMC Forum Features

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by sammieplays, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. sammieplays

    sammieplayssammieplays is a Verified Member Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Greetings Hunters!
    We were aware of the need for new features for the CurseMC Forums, so we did it!

    During our scheduled maintenance we did numerous updates for the CurseMC Forums; so we'll be explaining what we've added below:

    Next Update Timer:
    This timer is shown on the bottom right of the "Home" & "Forums" tab -- this lets you as the consumer know when to expect another update for the Forums or new in-game features & spoilers. We thought this would be a great idea so users know when to log onto the forums & expect the next big upgrade!
    New Minecraft Forum Emoji(s):
    We as a team wanted to expand the forums to have more use when it comes to Minecraft related talk, so we've spent numerous hours putting together all of the Minecraft blocks, tools, weapons & other essential items onto the forums software. This makes it more simple to explain how to make a custom enchantment set with the new emoji(s)
    , for example:
    :mc_310-0:Protection IV, Unbreaking III
    :mc_311-0:Protection IV, Unbreaking III
    :mc_312-0:Protection IV, Unbreaking III
    :mc_313-0:Protection IV, Unbreaking III
    :mc_276-0:Sharpness V, Unbreaking IV​

    This makes the environment of the forums more friendly to the Minecraft related system & connects the game to the forums in a way. You can even build your own house!! how cool is that?!

    :mc_3-0::mc_3-0: :mc_3-1::mc_3-0:

    Category Descriptions:
    We've made it easier to know what forum discussion area is right for you, you may notice there are descriptions for all of the categories.
    Profile Banners:
    We've introduced profile banners for all users of the CurseMC Forums, you can make your own profile banner & put it up on your wall to show it off. Just a reminder that rules still take place & if you're caught breaking the rules by putting up illegal images you will be permanently banned from all of our services.
    (to change your banner hover over it with your
    mouse & click "change cover" at the top right of the banner)

    Or you can change your profile banner by going here:

    Profile Username Change:
    We wanted to be as transparent as possible for forum users so we introduced username changing at no cost! that's right, it's free! Click on your username at the top right of the page and click "Change Username"
    You'll be taken to a page where you can change your forum account username.
    Reminder: You can only change your forum account username once every 15 days

    RE: Announcing: Commands & Specialties - Updates #03

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know in a private message or comment below. We look forward to hearing your responses!

    Thank you,

    Head Admin of CurseMC LLC 2.0
  2. Axyls

    AxylsAxyls is a Verified Member Member OG Hunter

    Looks good! :)
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