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Gonna put this here

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by Coastle, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Coastle

    Coastle New Member OG Hunter

    Hey guys I would just like to personally thank all of you for the great times we used to have,and I wanted to say that each and everyone one of you really did something for me and helped me grow as a person.The point of this tho is I don't know if I'm gonna be able to play the server or even less see the day as I've been battling with **********.I guess I'm making this post to see if any OG buddys of mine or people I just talked to could maybe help cheer me up some days as he hasn't been the best and I wish I could just get someone to talk to for about 30 minutes a day about my day or something,but if no one cares sorry for wasting your time.

    If interested my discords are
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  2. ThezestyNarwhal

    ThezestyNarwhal New Member OG Hunter

    yo coastle i can help you out. my life long family friend pasted away from suicide in january. I don't need to lose another person to that. lemme know if you need anything.
  3. Axyls

    AxylsAxyls is a Verified Member Member OG Hunter

    Why are you telling people on a minecraft forum, shouldn't you be seeking professional help if that's how you're feeling... *shrug emoji*
  4. ecklecake

    ecklecake Member OG Hunter

    Give me a grand and i will give you a 5 minute sesh, thats your lot though
  5. ecklecake

    ecklecake Member OG Hunter

    **** yeah i remember that guy, that logan paul video was lit
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  6. Axyls

    AxylsAxyls is a Verified Member Member OG Hunter

    Omfg hahahaha
  7. FragaZ

    FragaZ New Member OG Hunter

    You should seek some counseling bud, don't write this **** here, it'll just get worse. Trust
  8. AvnerGaming

    AvnerGaming New Member OG Hunter

    Ur fwat
  9. Shermanrox

    Shermanrox New Member Hunter

    I would be really interested in hearing exactly how you did this. I was planning on sending in my radio but if I could get nav and maybe the onboard hard drive then I would do that as well.

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