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everyone blows

Discussion in 'Server Talk' started by Stmp, Jun 30, 2019.


Stmp or kayhmi/oujia

  1. Stmp

  2. K/O

  1. wailk

    wailk New Member OG Hunter

    Nice ego bud . Thanks for making me laugh
  2. Stmp

    Stmp New Member OG Hunter

    just letting the people know :shrug:
  3. Oujia

    Oujia New Member OG Hunter

    You aight bruh
  4. Stmp

    Stmp New Member OG Hunter

    yea bruh
  5. Shermanrox

    Shermanrox New Member Hunter

    funny that you say that you need a timer, i think that this is more like comedy post.

    i personaly like those new majors but everyone should choose self i guess

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